Oh, Crop!



Weddings are probably one of my favorite events to attend, and being an employee of the bridal industry definitely enhances the thrill weddings have to offer.  I will be posting all of my looks this wedding season, starting with this past weekend’s wedding attire; each item from this outfit was bought on clearance and cost a total of approximately $40 (including accessories).  Finding a full midi skirt and elegant top that fit me properly was somewhat of a task–I ran into two obstacles while shopping  1) I’m 5’2, so most of the skirts I tried on were way too long and gave more of a maxi length.  2) It was difficult finding a top that was made of a material that complimented the satin skirt; I initially wanted a black top but was not successful in finding one that was the exact shade of the skirt.

(Because the top and skirt were clearance items, I was not able to find the exact links.  I tried my best to find similar items on the exact sites)

Top: Lulu’s | Skirt: asos (similar) | Shoes: Payless (I borrowed the ones pictured from my aunt) | Clutch: asos (similar print) | Lipstick: Mac (Viva Glam I)


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  2. one word only: Gorgeous!!


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