Maine, Do I Love You

Maine has become my new favorite state and I would move there in a heartbeat. I did not know what to expect when we booked our hotel and created an itinerary for Portland.  The reason why Portland was a MUST for me to see was because of a book series that I had read, and continue to re-read.  Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick takes place in a fictional town located near Portland, Maine–I highly reccommend this book series for anyone who enjoys young adult fiction (then you’ll become obsessed and take a trip to Maine).


On our way to Portland, we stopped in Kennebunk, Maine.  Pictures didn’t do it justice, the town is beautiful and the houses located on the coast are so dreamy.


Where We Stayed: Hyatt Place Portland- Old Port

The hotel was modern and surprisingly had very large rooms for an incredible rate that featured free breakfast.  Also, the staff was very friendly and helpful–I mention this because I have stayed at hotels where the staff is not as attentive to their guests, so Hyatt’s attitude was a huge plus.  The hotel has a prime location that is perfect walking distance for any destination in Old Port, and a very short driving distance from Portland Head Light.


What We Saw:

We spent a majority of our day exploring Old Port, but the next morning we drove over to Portland Head Light. The views are breathtaking.


Where We Ate: Duckfat and The Holy Donut

Duckfat was an amazing restaurant and they typically fry their foods in, none other than DUCKFAT! I had their poutine and was left extremely impressed. I guess I can be labeled as a poutine snob because I am very picky about how it is prepared. I first had it in Canada a few years ago and loved it.  Poutine in the States is just not the same as it is in Canada, but Duckfat’s version of poutine is definitely tied with the Canadians’–IT WAS PERFECT.  You’ve been provided with the savory details, now on to the sweets. The Holy Donut prepares donuts like no other.  The donuts are potato based and have an interesting flavor.  Even though you can taste the potato, a typical donut flavor and smell is evident.  They are my all-time favorite donut and it makes me sad that the shop is located so far away from me.


This summer was all about traveling. A few months ago we took a family vacation to the New England states. We flew into Boston and drove 1 & 1/2 hours to Portland, Maine, from Portland we drove about 3 hours to Newport, Rhode Island, and then 1 & 1/2 hours back to Boston. We spent the night in each city and explored each city’s key attractions. I will try to post photos and info for each city over the next few weeks.

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  1. Wow awesome place! I’m planning to visit my cousin in Oregon next year. Maybe I should drop by there! Thanks for this!

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