Holiday Red-y Lips


I wear a red lip quite often and thought since the holidays are approaching, it would be an appropriate time to share some of my favorite red lipsticks with d r e s s g o l d readers.  They all may look the same, just red, but trust me, there is a difference.

FullSizeRender-3 copy

Beginning from the top:

This is the brightest shade of red I own.  It is also a liquid lipstick so the color in the tube differs from the color after the  application; it has more of a pink hue before it dries and turns into a bright crimson.

Another bright red, very similar to the previous shade, but this is a lip pencil rather than a liquid lipstick.  This is the most moisturizing lipstick  I own, which always surprises me because red lip products tend to dry out lips.

This really does stay on all day.  This liquid lipstick feels different than the Mirenesse when applied to the lips; it feels like water for a few minutes before it settles.  This is the most pigmented red lipstick and has never needed to be touched up throughout the day.  Once it has fully dried, it looks like paint on your lips.  While it slightly dries out my lips, it still remains one of my favorite lip products.

This is another moisturizing red lipstick that remains looking fresh and does not need a retouch throughout the day.  The color is a richer, darker crimson, unlike the first three mentioned. I keep one of these in my everyday cosmetic bag just in case I need an impromptu classic red lip.

By far my favorite red lipstick of all time–I have been buying this exact one for years.  At one point, MAC discontinued the Viva Glam collection, so I was hoarding my one lipstick and saved it for special occasions only; they have since brought the collection back (the lipstick gods were in my favor).  Although this tends to dry out my lips if I don’t apply a layer of lip balm right before, the color is fabulous and lasts the ENTIRE day, regardless of how much I eat, drink, etc.  It is a mix between a classic bright red and a dark berry shade. It is the poster child of a bold lip and is wearable any time of year.

This is very similar to the MAC Viva Glam lipstick, except this is a lip pencil.  The color is also a mix between a traditional bright red and a deep berry.  This product does often require a retouch, but one is usually enough.


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  1. Are they really different?!!:D


  2. All the shades are so pretty! I want them all!

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