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I realize this is a somewhat lengthy post, but if you are struggling with acne or just generally like reading about skincare, this may help.


Charcoal Mask | Cleanser | Toner | Moisturizer | Eye Cream

An acquaintance of mine recently raved about S.W. Basics of Brooklyn products and how they tremendously improved her skin, so I did some research and discovered a whole lot about this amazing fair trade skincare company.  After reading hundreds of reviews about the different products offered by SW. Basics, I bought myself the sample size cleanser and toner, in hopes of clearing up my acne once and for all.  After the first day my skin already felt softer and looked brighter.  After about two weeks, most of my acne had cleared up; I was able to get away with using a tinted moisturizer instead of my usual NARS foundation. The cleanser and toner have been a saving grace for my skin.

I have tried a ridiculous amount of acne products, ranging from store bought acne kits to prescription creams from different dermatologists, and nothing has worked better or quicker than the 100% organic cleanser and toner combination.  The wonderful thing about S.W. Basics is that all of their products are made with 5 or less all natural ingredients.  The cleanser consists of 3 different types of natural oils, and the toner is made up of 5 ingredients including witch hazel (known to help acne reduce breakouts) and apple cider vinegar, just to name a few.  **My skin did breakout a bit in the initial days of using the cleanser and toner but quickly cleared up–this is common for some acne treatments**.

My skincare routine:

Step 1: Charcoal mask (2-3 times a week at night before the cleaner, toner, etc.)

Step 2: Cleanser – apply with a cotton swab (morning and night)

Step 3: Toner – apply with a cotton swab (morning and night)

Step 4: Face moisturizer (morning and night)

Step 5: Under eye cream for dark circles – lightly apply with your ring finger (morning and night)

The routine can easily be modified depending on the sensitivity of your skin; I began using all the products once a day in the evenings and then gradually began using them daily once my skin acclimated.  If you are interested in purchasing the S.W. Basics products, I recommend buying the mini sizes as a test before purchasing the full size products–everyone has different skin and it may take a longer or shorter time to notice potential results.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thanks for this post! I recently made a post about how I got rid of my acne..if you would like to read 🙂


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