Vest and Relaxation

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It is that time of year again!  Most stores have great deals on activewear, the gym is packed, Pinterest randomly suggest new healthy recipes, the list is endless.  I guess I have fully hopped on the bandwagon this year.  While I have told myself I’ll try to live a healthier lifestyle in the past, this is the first time I have began to make progress with it.  For starters, I frequent the gym and do at-home exercises nearly everyday.  As a full time student, I don’t always have the time to go to the gym so I tend to go on Pinterest and find simple home workouts that range from 10-20 minutes.  For me personally, being active is the best and most effective stress reliever so I usually workout in the evenings after a long day of school.  Living a healthier lifestyle goes beyond working out so I have also began to change what I eat.  This is difficult because I am quite the picky eater;  this is silly to admit but I have just recently learned to enjoy the taste of salad and some fruits.  I have to take baby steps with the meal plan so I am targeting each meal time separately.  For example, breakfast has been changed from the usual bagel with cream cheese to apple slices and peanut butter.

Vest: Old Navy | Hoodie: Cotton On (Similar) | Leggings: Nike | Shoes: Nike | Bag: Target (Similar) | Water bottle: Jack Wills (Similar)

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