A Polished Look

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 Colors: after school boy blazer | bikini so tiny | go ginza | chillato | forever yummy

The days of endless sunshine are closely approaching and in honor of that, I’d love to share some of my favorite spring nail polishes.

after school boy blazer: This is a great midnight blue shade that is a perfect for those of you who love wearing dark polishes.  I love wearing dark shades all year round, so this one is perfect for wanting to somewhat brighten up the dark nails for the new season; I am using this as a substitute for a fall/winter black.

bikini so tiny: Pastels are a must for spring nails; here we have the pinnacle of all periwinkle shades.  I wore this polish on my nails almost everyday last spring and received endless compliments on the color.

go ginza: No pastel color scheme is complete without a splash of lavender.  This is the newest edition to my spring pile and I am absolutely loving it.

chillato: I bought this on a whim and am extremely glad that I did because this polish looks great for the spring/summer.  I don’t typically wear anything with a green or yellow hue but as a polish, this pastel chartreuse makes for a darling accessory.

forever yummy: Keeping this one short and sweet– a true RED.


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  1. Love Essie. I also like wearing dark nail polish. Great post.


  2. I wouldn’t normally gravitate toward yellow/green shades either but I’m lovingggg chillato– and the name is so cute!


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