The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow [Warby Parker]

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Despite the timeless look of the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, I think I have exhausted my pair…for now (they’re still in mint condition).  The hunt for a new pair of sunnies began and shortly resolved itself when I tested a few Warby Parker sunglasses.

I’ve read several posts regarding Warby Parker sunglasses, especially the FREE “home try-on” feature that makes shopping easier and more convenient.  For shoppers that are as indecisive as I am, WP perfected at home shopping.  As the shopper, you are able to choose just the right amount of samples without feeling overwhelmed with an abundance of options.  So, how does it work?

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It is a simple and quick process.  Click on the “home try-on” tab  on; the tab will filter the sunglasses to only the ones available for the home-try on program.  When you find a pair you like, click on the “try at home for free”–this will technically add the glasses to your bag, but not charge you for it.  Pick your 5 favorites and complete the checkout process.

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When the package arrives, you have 5 days to determine which glasses (if any) you want to purchase.  When the 5 day trial period is over, simply send them back (shipping cost and label is already included) and then place an order for the pair(s) you found were the best fit.


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  1. I love the brownish shades (the middle ones)! They’d look great for someone who has reddish brown hair!

    Xo Logan

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