Leaning Tower of Birchbox

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My sister and I have shared a Birchbox subscription since summer 2013 and have loved every month’s mystery samples (and decorative box).  If you’re not familiar with Birchbox, it is a monthly subscription where you get about 5 different deluxe beauty samples a month (sometimes you even get full sized products worth more than a month’s subscription); the samples are usually a mix of makeup, hair, skincare, and nail products.  What I love about this beauty box as opposed to others out there is that Birchbox caters to your personal needs based on a questionnaire provided upon subscribing, meaning that not every subscriber is going to get the exact same samples every month.  The best part is that each subscriber is encouraged to review each product they are given a sample of and in exchange for a review, the subscriber is given “Birchbox Points” which can be used like cash in the Birchbox online store.

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There are countless renowned makeup, hair, and skincare brands affiliated with Birchbox and they have even begun to feature small home goods and accessories in the online shop.

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The subscription is only $10 a month and when the points from reviewing are converted into dollars, you essentially get $5 in points after all the reviews are posted each month.

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I’m 5’2.

Yes, we have kept every single physical Birchbox we have ever gotten.  Most of them are used for organizing hair and makeup drawers, the medicine cabinet, and storage for small items in a closet.  They’re far too pretty to recycle.

Top: Target (Similar) | Pants: H&M | Lips: Urban Decay | Bracelet: T.J.Maxx

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  1. How fun!!! Love this post. I also really like your blog… follow for follow? 🙂

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  2. I can’t believe you kept every single box! I only ordered it a couple of times!

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