Can You Beliebe It?


Beliebers Unite!!!!

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I have been a Justin Bieber fan since the day MTV aired the music video for “One Time”; I then developed a critical case of Bieber Fever, which lead me to attend all of his Cleveland concerts, defended his honor on countless occasions (like that one time I accidentally sparked a debate with my college English class), and a fair share of tour merch. So (sorry English teachers for starting my sentence like this), when the Purpose Tour made its way to The Land Tuesday evening, you bet I was among the thousands and thousands of excessively excited fans at The Q.

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I give the show an 8.5 out of 10.  Here’s why…

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Justin has talent, there’s no denying that; so when he only sang a handful of songs live (setlist consisted of 20+ songs), I was left somewhat disappointed because he has the ability to sing but doesn’t utilize it as often as he should.  I understand that he dances a majority of the time and that has the potential to weaken the voice, but to me, lip syncing is not a wise alternative.  *Spoiler alert: the only exception to the lip syncing was during “Sorry” because it rained on stage and if he was singing live, you wouldn’t be able to hear him*.  When I paid $130 to attend the show, I expected live vocals (especially because his previous tours had been solely vocals), and I don’t think that is a bizarre expectation either.  This one fell a bit short because of that.  The excessive lip syncing is my only complaint I promise.  The remaining aspects of the show were exceptional.  The lighting, the graphics, the dancing, the acoustics, the videos in-between songs, etc. were all truly wonderful.  Overall, it was a hell of a performance.

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Clip from the concert. 

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  1. Rosalinda Sorto May 27, 2016 — 4:29 pm

    so lucky! i was reading that the shirt with JB’s face on it is really in demand and super rare to find lol


  2. you are so lucky that Justin comes to your area
    he never came to india

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