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I haven’t grown an inch since the 5th or 6th grade and while it is extremely frustrating at times, there are some perks to being only 5’2.  For example, being short means you can still possibly fit into kids clothes.  You’d be surprised at how many kids styles mirror adult ones–basically identical (and cheaper).  I bet if I didn’t directly say this dress was bought from the kids section, most readers would assume it is an adult size.  Not all stores’ kids clothes can fit like an adult size, so I typically only buy them from Target, Old Navy, and H&M.  If you are short and petite, you should definitely start browsing the kids racks at these stores–not kidding (pun fully intended), I promise you will find something worth buying!

Dress: Target | Sandals: Target | Handbag: Forever 21 (Similar) | Lip: LAQA & Co.


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  1. Beautiful dress! Haha I shop at the kids section ALL the time. The clothes always fit me better plus I love how it’s so much cheaper!


  2. I loved the detailing on the dress! So classic!


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