Tulle-day’s Outfit

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I’m having a lot of fun pulling items from my wardrobe time capsule. I consider myself a girly girl and this outfit definitely intensified that feeling today. The weather is having an awkward transition to fall, so I was able to wear a sweater with a more summer appropriate skirt.  The sweater was bought last year from Target on clearance for I think $6; I had only worn it once last year because I didn’t have much to layer it with and I couldn’t just wear a crop top in 5 degree weather–I have since bought items to layer with the sweater for this upcoming fall and winter.  The skirt was originally my sister’s, but it is now a shared item; this is probably the most fun article of clothing hanging in my closet right now and I cannot wait to incorporate it into my wardrobe in the future.  I added one of my favorite statement necklaces, it was initially connected to a different pullover sweater but I mostly wear it with other pieces.  And before I forget to mention, the ballet flats are officially my new favorite shoe–I ordered them in both black and red…no shame.  I have difficulty finding shoes that fit my feet comfortably, these are just right; my favorite thing about them is that they have a bit of a wedge, providing my feet with some support verses a regular completely flat shoe.

Top: I got mine from Target last year (Similar)  | Skirt: It is super old, I can’t remember (Similar) | Shoes: Target | Necklace: Target:(Similar)


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  1. Love your blog so much! It’s super creative and your style is really cool. I think ou should definitely check out my blog too! I do fashion and lifestyle post. Ighink you’d like it😊


  2. Love the whole outfit!


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