The Concert Series: One Direction Edition

I have been waiting to write this post since before the concert happened! I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with HARRY STYLES WAVED TO ME AND MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to keep you waiting, click here for the video of Harry being a sweetheart and my annoying voice! *WARNING: Fangirl language*

 So…my sister, mom, aunts, and I all had VIP tickets to the show, meaning we were to be seated in certain rows on the floor, which required a specific pick up time for tickets the day of the show. After picking up our tickets, we had some time to kill so we decided to walk down to the airport (located near the stadium) which houses the landing strip for private planes that fly into Cleveland.  Fans congregated near the fence for a clear view of the planes landing and at the gate which was eventually opened to let One Direction and their motorcade leave the airport premise.  My family and I stood on the sidewalk next to a stop sign because we figured they still have to abide by traffic laws, and will have to stop there as a safety precaution; the 5 of us waited at the stop sign for quite some time before any excitement occurred.

The sound of the police motorcycles indicated that 1D was ready for their departure; then it happened.

As for my outfit…




It was chilly outside so I opted for a long sleeved dress.  Please forgive the quality of the photos, for I was far too excited to think about anything other than Harry waving.  Prior to that day I was envisioning a more creative background for this post.  Also, this experience is extremely prevalent to my blog because the last time I met Harry Styles I looked terrible, which ultimately became a major influence for Dress Gold.

Dress: Cotton On (similar) | Boots: borrowed | Handbag: kate spade new york (Similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

From the Show…

One Direction put on an amazing LIVE performance.  I am having a difficult time articulating my thoughts and feelings because it was so enjoyable and memorable.  I have had the privilege of attending two of their shows from the On The Road Again Tour, and both have left me speechless and wanting an unlimited supply of 1D concerts. I don’t know what it is, but being in a concert atmosphere can make anything enjoyable.  Listening to music through headphones and listening to music live, even the same song/same artist, are two completely different experiences.



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