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Since we are in the midst of basketball season, I thought it would be a perfect time to feature Cavs themed outfits (plus, I went to the Cavs game last night and had an awfully intense, yet thrilling experience).  For last night’s game, my sister and I wore our favorite Cavs inspired tees, both of which are designed/created by local Cleveland companies.  CLE Clothing Co. and Fresh Brewed Tees (FBT designs/sells Seattle, San Francisco, & Kansas City items too) are the makers of the t-shirts pictured above.  If you are ever in Cleveland, I guarantee that you will see several people sporting some of their shirts–they are a Cleveland must.

As for the game, CAVS WON!!!!

Left tee: Cleveland Clothing Co. | Right tee: Fresh Brewed Tees (This is for all the Kevin Love fans out there.  I bet some of you saw his Sports Illustrated Cover..)

*”All In” was the official Cavs slogan from last year’s NBA Finals, in case the pun title seemed strange*

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