Let’s Face It

Finding the right type of makeup can be somewhat of a difficult task, especially since there is an infinite supply of brands for foundation, primers, eyeshadows, etc.  I can’t even give you an estimate as to how many different products I have bought and sampled since I began officially wearing makeup on a regular basis.  Even when I do discover a particular product or brand that I am satisfied with, after while I end up modifying my routine and add or omit certain products–this typically happens when a new season begins.

I prefer to keep my makeup light for the spring and summer, and doing that requires substitutes for some products.  The first product I substitute is my foundation; I switch from a light foundation to a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.  My skins tends to be clearer and smoother during these months, not sure why…actually, it is probably because I’m not stressed out about school.  The other product I typically substitute is a blush; during the fall and winter I use a bronze based blush and then switch to a pink tone blush when the warm weather sets in.

While I will always wear red lipstick year round, some days call for a pop of vibrant pink. Its fun.


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  1. Great products! Also I love your makeup bag it looks so pretty!


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