San Francis(cool)

Better late than never! Sorry for not consistently posting these last few weeks–I have been super busy with work, weddings, and life in general.


Today’s post sums up the final portion of my trip to California with the lovely city of San Francisco!  Personally, I found San Francisco to be the better of the two cities I visited.  It has more character, charm, class, and a particular uniqueness to it that Los Angeles lacked.  We only had about 2.5 days to spend in SF and while we saw many of the major city attractions, we did not get the opportunity to see everything we hoped.  I will most definitely be making another trip to the Bay Area to check off the remaining sights I long to see.

Where We Stayed: Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf

I forgot to take pictures of the hotel 😦

What We Saw:

My favorite San Francisco attraction was Alcatraz.  Since it is an island across from the city, a ferry is the only way to get there.  The ferry ride itself was an amazing experience because you are exposed to the most gorgeous views of the city, mountains, and ocean.  Overall, Alcatraz is a must see and it was one of the most interesting tourist attractions I have ever been to.  An audio-based walking tour and a roundtrip ferry transportation is included in the price of the ticket ($33).

IMG_6187  IMG_6188IMG_3900  IMG_6198

Isn’t all of this beyond lovely?

IMG_6214  IMG_6220IMG_6241  IMG_6229IMG_6311  IMG_6232 IMG_6303

“Full House” house.

Don’t worry, here it is!

IMG_6253  IMG_6312


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