No Days Off

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I simply could not resist buying this t-shirt.  Take these words literally people!  One thing I would like for non-bloggers to understand is that blogging can literally be a full time job.  It is definitely a hobby that is time consuming and involves immense effort in order to be satisfied with the outcome.  When I first began Dress Gold, I did not realize the amount of time required to create content for a blog, how long it would take me to choose the photos for each post, or how challenging it gets to come up with a pun/witty phrase for the title.  There is a lot to blogging and I give every blogger out there so much credit for continuing to be focused and passionate.

Top: Forever 21 | Pants: Forever 21 | Sandals: Birkenstock | Handbag: Old Navy | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Pastry & Coffee: Bloom Bakery


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  1. LOVE that shirt! And you’re right, even though blogging can be extremely fun and rewarding, it really is a full-time job! 😀


  2. Cute shirt! I know what you mean, I never knew how time consuming blogging was until I started my own blog! Whole new respect for bloggers especially the ones putting up new post every other day! 🙂


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