Schooled [College Advise]

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Time flies when you’re having fun (also when stressing out about school and just life in general, right?).  I can’t believe it is the start of my junior year of college–just crossed the halfway mark!

Also, I can’t believe today is my little sister’s first day of college.  Ivana, even though you sometimes pretend not to read the blog, here’s a guide to help with the widely popular culture shock known as COLLEGE.


It doesn’t matter how many times a professor states the due date of an assignment or how many times you read it on the syllabus, forgetting is easy and procrastination is easier. WRITE IT DOWN. Write it down in a planner and even highlight it for good measure.  Once the assignment is completed, simply cross it off–I promise it helps.  Keeping assignments organized will only be beneficial to your academic success.


School can be ridiculously overwhelming and taking time away from the madness is completely fine (and easy, way too easy sometimes…), just don’t forget to make your way back.  Believe me, I too love to indulge in a Netflix binge (or two) to take my mind off of school work, but don’t do it.  Trust me, I learned from experience.  Find a healthy alternative: read a chapter of your favorite book, go for a run, listen to some One Direction, just don’t Netflix and Study.


Every major has an aspect that makes it difficult.  It is deemed “college” for a reason, not 13th grade.  Unfortunately, I have encountered this problem several times throughout my college career. While I would love to spit back sassy remarks to all the “geniuses” that talk down on certain majors, I try to ignore the remarks and smile sweetly.  And if you accidentally roll your eyes and smirk while trying to keep your cool, that’s fine too.  If someone ever claims what your coursework is easier than their’s, simply pass them your book bag and tell them your assignments are due by 11:59 Wednesday evening.


There’s a lot to smile about.  Even when you think you don’t have your shit together, smile because your worst enemy probably doesn’t either.  That was a joke, ha ha ha.  Please don’t find amusement in someone’s struggles.  Why do I smile often? Well, our family spent mad money on braces and I have no option but to smile and show off the investment.  Another joke, ha, I should stop now and go back to my traditional “blog tone”.  Smile because it’s sunny outside.  Smile because you aced your statistics quiz.  Smile because One Direction said it is “just a hiatus”.  Smile because this blog post might have a grammar error that only you will find…and then not tell me until a week later.


You were my first ever roommate and are kind of my best friend so keep sending me funny Snapchats and random texts about your day.



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