Summer Reading

Don’t know where to start apart from addressing the obvious – it’s been a while!

Accent wall is Black Magic by Sherwin Williams.

I feel like COVID-19 talk has been exhausted but I’m interested to know how people continue to navigate through these odd times. It seems as though I’ve watched everything that was hyped up on Netflix and Hulu. I’m walking during my lunch breaks and after work, but other than LITERALLY that, I haven’t done much. I gave my room a glow up within the first few weeks but that has been the most project or hobby oriented since mid-March. I guess a lot of my favorite things involved non-essential businesses.

I ordered both of these prints from Iamfy.

Reading during quarantine never became a pastime of mine. This was weird as I’m one who loves to read after an eventful day at work. It is a nice calming treat and escape from high importance emails, meetings, and compounding projects. I attributed my lack of interest in reading at the start of the pandemic to the fact that home and office became one. I guess cabin fever got the best of me. Instead, I made it a point to walk during my lunch breaks and evening free time.

As the days became brighter and weather warmer, the itch to read was very prominent. I remember my last Barnes & Noble visit and how I took photos of the book covers that caught my eye (I know, don’t judge a book by its cover but that is 100% what I did and it’s been serving me well), so I decided to treat myself to a few new books. Here is my list of current reads and non-spoiler commentary.

Element of surprise.

Emergency Contact – This has been my favorite thus far! There were many times I laughed out loud and I found myself resonating with the main characters.

Meet Cute – I loved the concept of this book. It’s a collection of short stories about how one meets their person. It’s lighthearted and refreshing.

Normal People – I watched the Hulu series first and loved it, so I wasn’t that interested in reading the book after the fact since I typically read first, then watch. I won’t spoil anything for you on either book or show fronts, but I will say that the show emulates the book and that the book has unique prose – written unlike any book I’ve read.

A Short History of the Girl Next Door – Haven’t started this one yet either. This is one of the books that I bought solely based on the interesting cover. The neon windows caught my eye but regardless, I’m excited to read it.

Thanks for the read!

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