Biologique Recherche

One of my quarantine silver linings has been my new skincare routine. It all started with trying Biologique Recherche skincare at the start of quarantine, with Lotion P50 and one of the quintessential serums leading the charge. I’ve heard and seen Lotion P50 on Instagram via celebrity stories and influencers, and really wanted to not like the result of the product because the products are quite the investment given their tiny size. Fortunately (& unfortunately), all the products lived up to the hype and delivered some great and visible results.

My skin did go through a purge period (which is good!) with an influx of breakouts, though nothing too bad. Since it was during quarantine in March, I didn’t really care what my skin looked like since I’m working from home and not required to have video meetings. It took about 6-8 weeks for my skin to adjust to this new line and once that initial introduction stage was over, I added additional BR items to my skincare regimen.

Here’s the order of my routine, starting with night care:

Lait VIP O2 – this is a milky cleanser that should be used on dry skin. I personally use it after showering for an extra cleanse. My skin instantly feels lighter and softer after using it.

Masque Vivant – this is the newest addition to my BR care and I’m truly loving it. This item always seems to be a HOT commodity and sells out quickly so I’ve stocked up to ensure I can maintain the routine. This is a rebalancing mask that serves many functions from tightening pores to revitalizing your skin. Put it on clean and dry skin for 15 minutes. Note: this caused me to break out at the first use but is fine now.

Lotion P50 – toner, gentle exfoliator, purifier, and all the above. It is a well rounded product and helps minimize the appearance of pores. If you Google Lotion P50, you’ll notice the phrase “cult product” associated with it and I’d completely agree with that statement. It has a cult following. I don’t know how to explain why this is different from other toners out there, but it just is.

Quintessential Serums – I use a variety, depending on the day. Collagene Marin is focused on tightening pores and firming. Elastine Marin is a follow up to that for skin experiencing the first signs of aging (just trying to be proactive about fine lines and wrinkles). Extraits Tissulaires promotes hydration.

Moisturizer – I’m a fan of Weleda Skin Food for ultra hydration, this is specifically something I use during colder and drier months. Kiehl’s Ultra Rich Facial Cream is the go-to for summer since its lighter and my skin isn’t as dry during warmer months.

My morning routine has some repeats:

Lotion P50

Quintessential Serums

Vitamin C Serum – right now I’m using Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. It is definitely an investment item which I don’t buy all the time. Drunk Elephant C-Firma is a great Vitamin C alternative that is half the price of C E Ferulic and delivers similar results.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

SPF – I’ve been struggling to find an SPF that I love. Biossance Squalane + Zinc Sunscreen is checking off all the boxes. It feels really light on the skin and does not have a grainy texture like some of the other facial SPF brands I’ve explored. So far I’m happy with it and would repurchase when the time comes.

There are numerous spas that sell BR products online – I’ve purchased my items through Rescue Spa and Aida Bicaj. I started with a free skin consultation from Rescue Spa, where I took a skin quiz and sent them photos of my skin for assessment. They provided product recommendations based on my skin concerns and I used that feedback as a guide for updating my morning and night regimens.

Thanks for the read!

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