Watch This

I was tapping through Instagram stories one day when an ad appeared for an Apple Watch wrist scarf . The promoted post was colorful and eye catching so I couldn’t resist not swiping up to view the product page. I fall victim to all the marketing schemes; it’s also ironic because I myself, am a marketing professional by day.

After seeing that lone ad I became obsessed with wrist scarves. It took one photo of a scarf wrist band on an Apple Watch to ignite my consumerism, and I don’t even own an Apple Watch. While I loved the items offered by the promoted post, I ultimately did not end up purchasing through them because I believed the scarf was a bit pricy at $35.

To no surprise, I resorted to Amazon and found a multipack of thin faux silk scarves for a fraction of the cost (6 for 8.99, to be exact). I repurposed an old watch I don’t wear often, and viola! Drab to fab in under 1 minute.

The watch I used doesn’t have a detachable band so I looped the scarf underneath the case to get the look I wanted. After that, it’s all about what feels best on the wrist – I looped the ends multiple times before tying it in place for a chunky look.

Thanks for the read!

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