Page Turners

This is the time of year when my daily routines shift and I could not be more excited about it – thank you daylight savings time. Is it just me or is everyone else also more productive when it does not look like midnight outside at 5pm? It feels as though I have more hours in the day to better myself, i.e. go for a longer walk in the evenings to decompress from corporate America work, and pausing my reality to get lost in a book until my eyes tire.

Do not fret – I will not be spoiling any book plots with this post though I do want to note that 2 out of 3 books will be making their way to a screen soon, ultimately prompting my sudden need to binge read this spring. I accidentally saw cast spoilers on Instagram for 2 books before I was done reading them which was a bummer but it is what it is..

Conversations with Friends – I love Sally Rooney’s writing style so this became a page turner for me though I did think it had a slow start. In the end it did not disappoint. If you are one of those people who needs to read something before it ends up on screen, prioritize this read! The cast has been announced.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue – to be totally honest here, the book starts off slow in my opinion but I am giving it a chance because I have seen soooo much hype about it. 10/10 for the book jacket though; the aesthetic is stunning – yes, I do sometimes judge books by covers..

Where the Crawdads Sing – another book to screen scenario! Prioritize this read as well if you believe motion pictures do not do the text justice. This book is so beautifully written – romance, heartbreak, recovery, mystery and a subtle plot twist.

Thanks for the read!

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