Le Carbs

Baking and eating croissants are just some of my favorite pastimes, and over the last few years I began dabbling in more advanced recipes – I can confidently say that I have mastered the art of croissant baking. The latter part of the previous sentence might be a stretch but I will say that my most recent croissant attempt turned out really really really well. I followed Claire Saffitz’s croissant tutorial and ingredients from NYT Cooking – click here for the link to the video and recipe.

The croissant process is a 2 day investment since the dough requires a lot of resting in between steps – this makes for a perfect weekend challenge. I ended up making 2 batches to make both pain au chocolat and butter croissants.

My initial thought during the attempt was very much “Never again. I will forever buy baked croissants from bakeries only” (can you tell this challenge caught me off guard?). I began to shed that mindset toward the end of the process, largely because my croissants were actually starting to turn out and resembled what was in the YouTube tutorial, so the feeling of achievement was in full swing.

By the time the croissants cooled and I took my first bite, I already began planning for the next at-home croissant challenge – I’m thinking savory for the next round.

Thanks for the read and bon appetit!

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