Long-Lost Wardrobe




PSA: let the earth dry before trotting; it will save your heels.

I was going through my closet and discovered some items that I forgot I had, naturally I put together some outfits that will be featured on here very soon.  Today’s outfit (pun fully intended) consists of my two favorite long-lost pieces.  I was really into graphic tees and tanks a while back and am beginning to incorporate them into my wardrobe because I can’t fully part with them just yet.  Graphic tees are essential to my wardrobe because they are super fun to work with and can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what they are paired with and the accessories used.  I have had the skirt for quite some time, probably 3 years, but have only wore it once or twice.  When I did wear it, it was during the holiday season; I didn’t want to wait until winter to wear this again so I did my best to create a summer look.  Also, I feel as though adding a braid to your bangs adds to the summer vibe, my sister on the other hand, “What is it, 2007?”

Top: H&M (I picked my favorite from the selection they had since my original tank is old) | Skirt: Target (Again, mine is old, but any colored pencil skirt will do) | Sandals: Forever 21 (Similar)

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